Vanessa Davis

Staff Geologist

Vanessa Davis, PG, has over 2-years’ experience as a Junior Geologist for LACO Associates. Prior to working for LACO, Ms. Davis received education experience particular to that which would be useful and necessary at LACO. On top of receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, Ms. Davis spent four weeks at a Geology Field Camp in Ely, Nevada where she focused on geologic mapping, geologic structures and geomorphology, and interpreting geologic history with a minor emphasis on rock and fossil identification. In that same experience, she created geologic maps, cross sections, as well as topographic and aerial photography interpretations. 

Areas of Expertise



Structure & Quaternary Stratigraphy

Mineral & Fossil Identification

Topographic & Aerial Photography Interpretation

Geologic Mapping

Phase I & II ESA’s


Associates for Transfer: General Studies – Portland Community College, Portland, OR. 

Bachelor of Arts in Geology – Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA. 

Select Project Experience

College of the Redwoods Seismic Fault Hazard Investigation – Eureka, California.

Ms. Davis performed geologic mapping and soils logging during a seismic fault hazard evaluation for College of the Redwoods Baseball Field and Critical Facilities. Ms. Davis and her team then prepared a Fault Hazard Report in fulfillment of the requirements of the Alquist-Priolo State Special Studies Zone Act.

Groundwater Monitoring Reports – Multiple Locations, California.

Ms. Davis was responsible for drafting reports documenting contamination plume behavior and remediation. She assisted in detailing the behavior of the plumes and drafted figures pertaining to the projects.

Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant – Arcata, California.

As a Field Technician, Ms. Davis reviewed aerial photographs to create GIS maps of paleochannels. Ms. Davis also hand-augured borings and collected samples to be analyzed by the lab.

Mad River Parkway Guintoli Lane Tractor Supply – Arcata, California.

Ms. Davis performed soils logging and drafted geotechnical reports. 

Water Resource Permitting – Multiple Locations, California.

For Hydrology and Geomorphology projects, Ms. Davis located potential sources of sediment, identified sections of road in need of improvement, and determined whether culverts were properly sized. Ms. Davis performed geologic mapping of properties to include all roads, stream crossings, watercourses, and existing structures using iPad technology. She also generated GIS maps of those sites using KMZ files. 

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments – Multiple Locations, California.

Ms. Davis conducted site visits to determine possible environmental hazards. She would then draft reports which presented such findings. 

  • Home Office: Eureka, CA

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