Kara Clower

Kara A. Clower

Business Manager

Ms. Kara Clower is the Business Manager of LACO Associates specializing in administrative and operations support. With over 15 years of experience in office operations and over 8 years of experience in management, Ms. Clower has a refreshing approach to solving problems and leading others. She has an ability to observe situations and identify gaps in operations, communications, and understandings. When gaps are identified, she is trained to lead groups through strategizing solutions and courses of action. Ms. Clower currently leads the administration services, marketing services, and recruitment efforts of the firm. In addition, management of IT services was recently assigned to Ms. Clower.

Through her education, experience, and energetic personality, Ms. Clower knows how to lead a group through trainings and meetings while offering different learning techniques and methods for multiple intelligences – reaching maximum engagement. She communicates clearly identifying expectations and objectives, inspiring those around her. 

Over the years, Ms. Clower has learned to optimize social media for reaching large audiences. In one year, the marketing team led by Ms. Clower, more than tripled the social media presence for LACO. Her approach is to help followers relate to the material shared and then promote engagement. Increasing visibility and knowledge of the brand is always the ultimate goal. In 2018, LACO received an award for Marketing Excellence in the Social Media category.

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Technical Report Editing
  • Event coordination and facilitation
  • Community outreach
  • Customer Service
  • Staff Management
  • Training and Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Social Media


BA, Liberal Studies Elementary Education Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

Continuing Education 

Business and Accounting, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

Registrations and Certifications

California Notary Public, Commission Number 2226218, Exp Jan. 2022Community InvolvementOrganizational Committee – The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce
Volunteer – PacOut Green Team 

Select Experience

Community Outreach, Confidential Client, Eureka, California.
Started a Facebook Page to share sensitive information with the community and created a place to share resources and share dialogue/opinions. The Page saw immediate results with over 1,300 people reached within the first 10 days and over 1,100 post engagements. The Page increased attendance at public meetings with over 500 people seeing details of the events.

Employee Onboarding Program, LACO Associates, Eureka, California.
Designed and implemented a new onboarding training program for new hire employees. Before the program, all supervisors were expected to introduce their own staff and train them however they felt needed. This new program has designated trainers who are assigned to different topics and each trainer is given a training card to assist them. In addition, Ms. Clower wrote an operations manual to assist the new hire in following along with training and to keep as a resource. Since implementing this program, the new hires, supervisors, and coworkers have all expressed the positive impact it has made.

Social Media Presence, LACO Associates, Eureka, California.
Created content, monitored activity, engaged with followers, and increased LACO’s following on Facebook and Instagram. In one year LACO’s following increased by 200 followers on Facebook and 382 followers on Instagram. LACO is also now visible on Glassdoor with several reviews and has a presence on LinkedIn with current content. To lead the social media efforts, Ms. Clower wrote a campaign for a LACO hashtag. In one year, the hashtag, #inmylacoshirt, was used 190 times on Instagram and over 250 times on Facebook. 

Reimbursement Specialist, LACO Associates, Eureka, California. 
Managed reimbursements for over 50 sites including over a dozen for two school districts. She supervised a strong team of administrative professionals who assisted in supporting the reimbursement requests. Of the reimbursements Ms. Clower and her team prepared, over 99% of the costs were deemed eligible and reimbursed by the UST Cleanup Fund. Ms. Clower provided exemplary support by ensuring clients were in good standing with the UST Cleanup Fund while holding strong working relationships with the UST Cleanup Fund reviewers and staying current with the UST Cleanup Fund requirements and guidelines.

Store Manager, Starbucks Corporation, Eureka, California. 
Lead a team of over 20 baristas as the Store Manager. During her time with Starbucks, sales increased, customer ratings dramatically improved, and team morale was boosted. Working with corporate, Ms. Clower learned how large corporations are structured and organized including training programs, human resources, efficient operation plans, and communication portals.

  • Home Office: Eureka, CA

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