Josh Kilgore

Joshua Kilgore

Senior Engineering Geologist

Mr. Joshua Kilgore joined LACO Associates as an Engineering Geologist in November 2018. Mr. Kilgore is responsible for developing and performing geologic and geotechnical investigations, including the associated laboratory testing programs and coordination with permitting agencies. He is responsible for geologic field mapping, drill and test pit logging, observation during fill placement, and foundation excavations installation of keyways, buttressed fills, and subdrains. His experience includes schools, government buildings, commercial facilities, multi-family subdivisions, single-family residences, reservoirs, pipelines, roadway construction, landslide repair, and hillside grading.

Areas of Expertise

Geotechnical Studies
Forensic Investigations
Landslide Repair
Geologic Mapping
Subsurface Studies
Foundation Excavation
Keyway Construction
Drainage Improvements


Bachelor of Science, Geology, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California


Certified Professional Geologist, California, – License Number: 8885
Certified Engineering Geologist, California, -License Number: 2667

  • Home Office: Santa Rosa, CA

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