J. Erich Rauber

PE, GE, Geotechnical Engineer / Professional Engineer

Mr. Rauber is a licensed Civil Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer in California with over 30 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering and project management.  He has…

  • Lead and/or participated in the design and construction of numerous roadway projects: He has designed flexible and rigid pavement systems, evaluated soil subgrades and, where necessary, developed and implemented mitigation of pavement subgrade soils, including lime treatment, cement stabilization, geogrid solutions, and effective utilization of recycled asphalt. He has experience with the use of lightweight fill, EPS geofoam, and tire-derived aggregate. 
  • Managed civil and environmental engineering projects; conducted geotechnical investigations and managed design and construction oversight projects, and remediated contaminated sites. Projects included roads, earth and concrete dams, mine sites, waterfront facilities, commercial developments, design/build projects, and rail facilities.
  • Supervised and participated in solid-waste landfill design and operations plans. Designed and implemented seepage control and interception and diversion of groundwater, utilizing systems such as slurry trench cut-off walls, pumping wells, and collection trenches.
  • Developed site characterization and clean up strategies for numerous CERCLA and RCRA sites, negotiated permits under the Clean Water Act, and successfully negotiated with state and federal regulatory agencies in several states and regions. 
  • Coordinated preconstruction activities, prepared budgets and engineer’s estimates, and prepared final construction documents. He has solicited, reviewed and evaluated contractor and subcontractor bids; understands critical path management and has extensive scheduling experience with several project management software packages. 
  • Home Office: Santa Rosa, CA

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