Portrait of Gary Manhart

Gary Manhart, CEG

Senior Engineering Geologist

Mr. Gary Manhart is a Senior Engineering Geologist and a key member of LACO Associates’ outstanding geologic team. With over 25 years of experience in geology and environmental science, Mr. Manhart has honed his geologic and communication skills through a wide verity of development work. He originally joined LACO in 1995 and served as a Senior Staff Geologist until 2007 when he moved to Virginia. Mr. Manhart rejoined the LACO team in 2014, as a Senior Engineering Geologist. Mr. Manhart’s experience working all over northern California has given him a wealth of knowledge on the geology and geomorphology and how it affects client’s projects.

Mr. Manhart can work collaboratively with many stakeholders and is easily approachable. He has a strong collaborative nature which allows for good communications between all parties.  Mr. Manhart has developed innovative solutions to problems that have arisen during site development facilitating the successful completion of projects. Mr. Manhart is always willing to share his knowledge and works to help his clients understand the complex geologic issues that often come with site development. Mr. Manhart continually educates and mentors LACO’s geology staff to help them further their careers and promote their professional growth.