Dale L. Romanini

Materials Testing Laboratory Manager

Mr. Dale Romanini is the face of LACO’s Eureka materials testing and inspections lab. As the expert, Mr. Romanini ensures the LACO quality assurance/quality control laboratory protocol is maintained under AMRL, CCRL, DSA, and Caltrans accreditations, as well as maintaining certification and calibration of testing equipment for field and laboratory use. 

Mr. Romanini directs both Laboratory and Field Inspectors/Testing Technicians in their various duties. He is responsible for coordinating field Testing and Inspection scheduling, tracking project schedules, project testing requirements, and budget expenditures to assure the mutual satisfaction of both the contractor and the contracting officer.

In between the busy summer season and mentoring summer engineering interns, Mr. Romanini enjoys a mental break on the lake in Trinity County.

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