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Adam J. Rausch, PhD, Senior Engineer - Santa Rosa, CA

Mr. Adam Rausch, PhD, earned his MS and PhD in civil and environmental engineering from UC Berkeley, where he most recently worked as an R&D engineer. His work there has focused on drinking water treatment technologies and water infrastructure for rural communities, with specific attention to system assessment and resilience. This includes a year leading research teams in rural India evaluating single-village piped-water systems there.


Prior to his environmental engineering work, he received a BS in engineering physics from Santa Clara University and worked on holographic data storage at IBM and space-based cryogenic sensors at Lockheed Martin. He loves tackling complex problems, but left physics driven by a desire to affect positive and direct impact for communities. He is enthusiastic to help grow the capacity for such impacts within the water group at LACO. He is also enthusiastic about sailing, gardening, games, and the outdoors.

Photo portrait of Adam Rausch