Planning Permitting and Environmental Compliance Consulting




Resource Agency Permits


LACO’s Planning Team provides planning and permitting assistance for land development and infrastructure projects throughout Eureka, Ukiah, Santa Rosa, Chico and surrounding areas. Whether you are planning to build a subdivision, considering commercial tenant improvements, or preparing land for farming or business, we’re here to help you navigate the planning and permitting process.

Our team members have prepared more than 1,000 environmental planning and permitting documents. Our approach to planning focuses on achieving practical win-win solutions, with broad community support, and a clear path toward implementation. We leverage our firm’s technical expertise and longstanding relationships with regional experts to design projects that are technically grounded and achievable, an asset in communicating with regulatory agencies. Our approach improves the likelihood and turnaround time for regulatory approval of your project. 

Our team, which includes certified Planners has accomplishments in completing the following:

  • CEQA environmental compliance documents including:
    • Categorical Exemptions, Initial Studies
    • Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)
    • Mitigation plans
  • NEPA environmental compliance documents including:
    • Categorical Exclusions
    • Environmental Assessments (EAs)
    • Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs)
  • Master Site Plans
    • Community Planning
    • General/specific plans
    • Development code
    • Residential and commercial subdivisions
    • Conditional use permits
    • Entitlements
    • Coastal Commission plans
    • Development feasibility analyses and identification of constraints and opportunities

We are also prepared to provide the following special studies and services:

  • Traffic Impact Studies, Transportation Analysis, and Traffic impact fee calculations
  • Air Quality Impact analysis including CalEEMod modeling and greenhouse gas emissions quantitative and qualitative reviews
  • Noise Impact Analysis
  • Water availability assessments and on-site wastewater treatment system analysis
  • Public outreach processes including design charrettes, public scoping, and visioning

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