Geotechnical and Geological Services


Real Property Due Diligence

Environmental site assessments help protect you from future environmental liabilities by documenting the condition of the property at the time of the assessment.

  • Phase I/II ESA
  • Environmental Transaction Screening
  • Site suitability assessments as requested

Site Suitability

Assessment of site suitability can include geological assessments of construction constraints, seismic and liquefaction potential, fault hazards, and slope stability. We can also evaluate sites for septic suitability and provide you with the design parameters to support your project.

  • Soils / geotechnical suitability assessments
  • Fault hazard analysis
  • Liquefaction potential
  • Seismic hazards potential
  • Site-specific ground motion analysis
  • Landslide evaluation and mitigation
  • Bluff retreat analysis
  • Septic analysis and/or design
  • Foundation design recommendations

Groundwater Resources

Our hydrogeologists can help your site a new water supply or help you fulfill state requirements for demonstrating that an existing well is not connected to surface water bodies or that your springs meet the requirements for unpermitted use. 

  • Aquifer characterization
  • New well siting
  • Hydrologic connections between wells and surface water bodies
  • Spring compliance with DWR requirements
  • Groundwater Management Plans

Stormwater Services

LACO’s team of Qualified SWPPP Developers and Practitioners are can help you comply with State and/or Federal Construction and Industrial General Permit stormwater requirements. We also evaluate rural roads for their potential to deliver sediment to water bodies in order to meet State permitting requirements.

  • SWPPP preparation for CGP and IGP compliance
  • Storm and non-storm inspection and monitoring
  • Data entry to SMARTS
  • Caltrans SWPPP and WPCP preparation and inspection
  • Rural road assessment and mitigation construction management

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Expansion projects demand careful geologic evaluation prior to planning and construction, and LACO has demonstrated that rigorous process while serving as a consultant on site suitability for a variety of projects since 1989. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of work and LACO’s contribution to our goal of having the college serve as a hub for cultural, social, and athletic activities for our students and entire community.
Steven Roper, Former Program Manager for Capital Projects, College of the Redwoods

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