Environmental Science and Geology


Minimizing the risks and costs associated with environmental conditions is a significant concern for property owners and developers. Our professional team of Environmental Scientists and Field Technicians have worked for the last 25 years to build strong relationships with public health and water quality officials throughout Northern California. Over this period, LACO has overseen the closure of more than 150 contaminated sites spanning waste oils, fuels, metals, wood preservatives, solvents, and caustic chemicals.

Clients benefit from the use of our Geoprobe drilling rig, contemporary cleanup contracts, and fleet of remediation equipment. Our projects have been reviewed and approved by Regional Water Quality Control Board staff, County Environmental Health agencies, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Our environmental compliance and remediation services include:

  • Environmental due diligence – Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Soil and groundwater investigation and remediation feasibility/design
  • Air, surface water, and groundwater monitoring services
  • Remediation system installation and operation

Our remediation equipment includes:

  • Eight stand-alone ozone/hydrogen peroxide injection units
  • A trailer mounted high vacuum dual-phase extraction (HVDPE) unit with thermal oxidizer
  • A skid mounted soil vapor extraction unit
  • A variety of submersible groundwater pumps
  • A custom self-contained truck-mounted Mobile Remediation Unit (MRU), which can deliver ozone, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide with or without shore power

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Meet Our Team

Portrait of Gary Manhart

Gary Manhart, CEG

Mr. Gary Manhart is a Senior Engineering Geologist and a key member of LACO Associates’ outstanding geologic team. With over 25 years of experience in

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Portrait of Josh Kilgore

Joshua Kilgore, CEG

Mr. Joshua Kilgore joined LACO Associates as an Engineering Geologist in November 2018. Mr. Kilgore is responsible for developing and performing geologic and geotechnical investigations,

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Jennifer Genetti

Ms. Jennifer Genetti has soil sampling experiences in the Klamath Mountain Range where she tested for a relationship between rock uplift rate and the abundance

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