LACO recognizes the opportunities presented by AB 430 and offers a variety of professional services to support housing developers looking to help alleviate the housing crunch caused by the Camp Fire. In practice, AB 430 authorizes housing developments in the communities of Biggs, Corning, Gridley, Live Oak, Orland, Oroville, Willows, and Yuba City to bypass the CEQA process and receive approval following only an administrative review if the development meets specific criteria.


The statewide housing shortage in California has led to unprecedented efforts by State and local government to spur housing production. This push for housing development has resulted in significant changes in approach to housing production, with the State now enforcing housing element compliance much more strictly and issuing new requirements for streamlining housing approval.

In addition to the state-wide push for housing development, the State legislature also recognized the staggering loss of housing following the 2018 Camp Fire and the need to rapidly develop new housing projects in the region. In 2019, AB 430, the Camp Fire Housing Assistance Act, was signed into law to provide housing relief for Camp Fire victims by allowing housing developments in impacted areas to utilize a streamlined ministerial process at the local level to accelerate project approval.

  • Property Inventorying
  • Conceptual Design
  • CEQA Analysis and Compliance
  • Pro Forma and Market Analysis
  • Project Financing
    • Funding applications (grants & loans) – local, state, federal agencies & private foundations
    • Financial Pro Forma Analysis
    • NEPA Environmental Clearance – Federal Funding Requirement
  • Design Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Plans and Bid Documents
  • Bid Support

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