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Our Mission- What it Means to Me

Author: Vanessa Davis, GIT, Assistant Geologist


We are all unique individuals with our own unique skill set. Each employee has their own way of fulfilling LACO’s mission statement of “advancing the quality of life for generations to come.” To me, our mission statement means protecting and restoring the environment in order to provide communities with safe resources. As a geologist with a strong GIS background, I have had tremendous opportunities to assist in the protection and restoration of watersheds, allowing communities to have a higher water quality.

From drafting water resource protection plans for cannabis cultivation to GIS mapping and analyzing areas affected by wildfires, I have been fortunate to play a role in protecting and restoring watersheds to advance the quality of life for generations to come.

Vanessa Davis PortraitAbout Vanessa Davis, GIT, Assistant Geologist

Ms. Davis has over 2-years’ experience as a Junior Geologist for LACO Associates. Prior to working for LACO, Ms. Davis received education experience particular to that which would be useful and necessary at LACO. On top of receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, Ms. Davis spent four weeks at a Geology Field Camp in Ely, Nevada where she focused on geologic mapping, geologic structures and geomorphology, and interpreting geologic history with a minor emphasis on rock and fossil identification. In that same experience, she created geologic maps, cross sections, as well as topographic and aerial photography interpretations.