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Our Mission - What it Means to Me

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Author: Mike Nelson, President & CEO


I am so proud to have been a part of crafting LACO’s mission statement, Advancing the Quality of Life for Generations to come, almost a decade ago along with several of today’s owners and managers including Chris Watt, Susan Clower, Dale Romanini, and Kara Clower.


To me, it means supporting and growing our communities, our families, our careers and our futures.  This applies to our internal team, our external clients and the communities we live and work in from Santa Rosa to Ukiah, Eureka and beyond.  It means giving back whenever and wherever we can, from highway clean ups to supporting schools, to helping with fire recovery and participating in local commissions and committees. We’ve run, walked, and bowled - and so much more!  There is just too much to list.  I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished in our communities as well as what happens at the project level to support our clients.


Some aspects of our work may not seem so lofty when you are up against a deadline or a deliverable, but we are continuing to produce better projects for our communities by complying with environmental protections, planning for infrastructure and growth, along with supporting safer roads, structures, treatment and drainage systems, and planning safer schools, hospitals and more.


We are building communities.  We are helping families.  We are supporting economic development and a better environment. We are doing something that matters. We are advancing the quality of life for generations to come!

Mike Nelson, President & CEOAbout Mike Nelson, AICP, President and CEO

Mr. Nelson has over 16 years of professional experience and currently serves as LACO’s Planning Director. He has extensive experience in project management, financial pro formas, entitlement, environmental compliance, design, construction, and operation of hospitality projects, commercial facilities, residential developments, subdivisions, and municipal planning projects. Mr. Nelson has managed projects from due diligence phases through commissioning and Certificate of Occupancy phases in Northern California, California Central Valley, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, and Bermuda.