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Willits' City Manager update on pump station plan, groundwater project

From the Willits News, March 22, 2019


Staff is also working on getting the guardrail on the East Valley Street Bridge repaired. The repair will likely occur sometime over the next month. Staff, in conjunction with LACO Associates, continues to work on planning for a new pump station at Maple Street. Our goal is to have a new pumps station up and running by the end of the fiscal year. The project includes putting in a second pump on site which will create redundancy and constructing a new building for the pumps.


Engineering and Water Department staff met with LACO Associate’s engineer Adam Rausch in late February. Adam’s working on a grant application and technical memo for the City’s planned groundwater improvement project. The memo LACO will provide is in partnership and coordination with the West Coast Watershed and will be funded through the State. The memo will help back-up the City’s need for the project and help fulfill the grant application requirements. If successful the City could gain some State grant funding for some of the project. Jim Robbins, the City’s Community Development Specialist, helped coordinate with the Department to build this partnership and filled out the original questionnaire needed for the opportunity.


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