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Shelter Cove Tank Replacements Project

Shelter Cove Tank Replacements Project - Tank demolition

By: Scott Kelly, Project Manager


Shelter Cove Funding Sign: Prop 1 - LACO is Project EngineerOver the past several years, the Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District has been in the process of replacing their aged water storage tanks. We are now in the final stages of this long-running project to replace the seven aging and leaking water storage tanks with six new welded steel tanks. LACO prepared a preliminary engineering report and geotechnical reports, and provided the environmental planning for the project in 2015 and 2016. The final design was completed in 2017. In addition, LACO helped the District receive a State Revolving Fund grant earlier this year for $5M to cover the construction and construction-phase services. 


The existing tanks—two welded steel and five redwood—are being demolished to make room for the new tanks. The biggest tank, a 1 million-gallon steel behemoth which is the backbone of the system, is un-anchored, and was damaged in the 1992 Petrolia Earthquake. The bottom shell of the steel was stressed and warped by the sloshing water during the event, and bulged out in what is called an “Elephant’s Foot”.  The District has been concerned about this tank for years, and look forward to getting it replaced with a new tank designed and anchored to current seismic standards. The inlet and outlet pipes for all the new tanks will also have flexible expansion joints to allow for differential movement between the pipes and the tanks. All of the sites are relatively small, near steep slopes, with limited room to place the new tank and piping. Each site presented its own unique design challenges to fit everything on the sites.


Three of the tanks are being demolished and replaced this summer, and three more will be completed in 2019. They have finished grading one of the sites and will start building the ring foundation in a week or two. 


Approximately 20 different people from LACO have helped with this project so far, from geo, planning, admin, and civil. It has truly been a team effort. One recent example highlighted for me the benefit of having a full-service group of experts. After the contractor finished his earthwork at the first site, we identified a potential cost savings if we could eliminate a rock slope wall on the new cut slope above the tank pad. In one day our Engineering Geologist completed an on-site evaluation and provided information required to complete the slope stability calculations. Within an hour, LACO was able to determine the slope was stable enough to allow  the rock wall to be eliminated. This saved the District roughly $40,000. The benefits of a full service team of experts to make a quick decision were much appreciated.


I’ve been fortunate to be able to live in Shelter Cove and be the on-site construction manager for the last several weeks during the peak construction period.  

7/16/18 Update: Progress Made

New tank site preparation


Scott Kelly, PEAbout Scott Kelly, PE

Mr. Kelly has over thirty years of experience in the field of civil and sanitary engineering. He joined LACO in 2011 as a Senior Civil Engineer. Mr. Kelly's strengths are in project and construction management, water and wastewater system analysis and design, hydraulic and site design, and traffic analysis and transportation facility design.
Prior to joining LACO, Mr. Kelly formed a consulting engineering firm in January 1994, focusing on municipal public works projects. He merged with Spencer Engineering and Construction Management, Inc. in 1995, and in 1997, Mr. Kelly became the owner of the firm. In this capacity, he provided supervision to a staff of 5 to 10 engineers, land surveyors, technicians, drafters, and inspectors while providing consulting engineering services to a variety of public and private clients. In 2009, Mr. Kelly completed a long-planned transition and moved to Portland, Oregon.
From 1990 to 1994, Mr. Kelly worked with the Eureka, California firm of SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologists. His project experience at SHN included water and wastewater system analyses, water transmission main, booster station, and storage tank designs, sewage pump station design, landfill design, traffic analyses and roadway design, site civil design, and construction management. Mr. Kelly's position with SHN evolved into Project Manager and finally to Civil Engineering Department Director.
Prior to working with SHN, Mr. Kelly worked for two years as a design engineer and project manager with the firm of Barrett Consulting Group, located in Guam, Marianas Islands. In this position, he assisted with the design of two large wastewater pumping stations, performed a sewer system evaluation survey, prepared a groundwater quality-sampling plan, and was the construction administrator for a $20 million, 10-story hotel addition.