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New hashtag for 2018: #wearelaco

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LACO Associates launches new hashtag for 2018: #wearelaco

January 17, 2018


In 2017, LACO Associates launched the new hashtag, #inmylacoshirt, on social media to identify and showcase who they are in the community. Hashtags, words or phrases preceded by a hash or pound sign (#), are used to bookmark topics or messages on social media networks. Soon after its launch, a sea of LACO-blue swept in as employees began sharing photos from mountain peaks and valley basins, street clean-ups and soccer games. All photos boasted LACO T-shirts or apparel.


With the turn of the year, LACO friends and followers can expect to see another hashtag from the firm. LACO has recently announced for 2018 that their new hashtag is #wearelaco. Their employees will be sharing group photos, showcasing collaboration and teamwork, and posting on social media platforms. In 2018, #wearelaco will serve as a catalyst for reflecting LACO’s company culture and involvement.


“In 2017, when we launched the #inmylacoshirt campaign, our basic objectives were to increase our visibility and grow our social media presence,” says Kara Clower, LACO’s Business Manager, “incidentally, we achieved much more— we invited our employees to share their sense of pride and team spirit and provided the opportunity for them to engage on a new level.”



Jessica Carenco, LACO’s Marketing Assistant, expressed, “when you dig a little deeper, the primary metric for measuring the success of your social media presence is engagement. You can post multiple times a day on a number of platforms, but without engagement, your efforts are in vain. At LACO, our core values engender intentional communication and engagement. If we are going to grow and develop on social media, it starts with our people, because our people shape our company. #wearelaco embodies this realization.”