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LACO's Field Biologist Gary Lester Gives Seabird Survey Lecture to HSU Wildlife Students

Gary Lester

HSU Wildlife students were mildly surprised to get a break from normal class lectures to hear an insider's perspective on a day in the life of a field biologist. Gary Lester gave a presentation on his 8 years of volunteer work with the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST). Mr. Lester presented wonderful insights on how to get trained and certified to handle and document these coastal species. Not only did students get to listen to his lecture, but Mr. Lester will also take those students to the beach for a special outdoor lab he will be conducting over the next two days. Where Mr. Lester once sat some 40 years ago, he gives back to his Alma Mater with the goal of advancing the community’s quality of life and learning for generations to come!


 Gary Lester durig lectureGary Leste after Lecture