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Frank Bickner, Humboldt Builders' Exchange Vice President

Mr. Frank Bickner, PG, is the newly elected Vice President of the Humboldt Builders' Exchange (HBE). The Humboldt Builders' Exchange, Inc. is a professional nonprofit corporation established to promote unity among licensed contractors and affiliates. HBE's goal is to provide education, support services and annual college and high school scholarships. 


When asked why he chooses to volunteer his time to HBE, Mr. Bickner said, "I wanted to be a member of the Humboldt Builders' Exchange to help play a role in making our lives and our community a better place to live and raise our families. In my role on the HBE Board of Directors, and now my role as the Vice President, I can use and share my background as a business owner, LACO Board Member, and Principal Geologist with the construction industry and help bring together the construction industry and professional services that go together to build a vibrant community."