Tribal Governments

We offer our Tribal Government clients a complete project resource within one firm, capable of executing complex projects including infrastructure, transportation, community development, economic development, and natural resource management. We have built strong working relationships with agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Indian Health Services (IHS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Indian Programs, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and others to minimize your project approval process, saving you time and money. LACO has been honored to assist in developing Tribal communities for over the past 34 years through geological, planning, architecture and civil engineering services. LACO recognizes that Indigenous peoples contribute significantly to the enhancement of global diversity and sustainability through their traditional ecological knowledge, cultural practices, and irreplaceable natural resources. Indigenous peoples also seek to maintain their sovereign status as culturally distinct and self-determining peoples. When these two factors combine, they provide benefits not only for Indigenous peoples but for all peoples of society.
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