Why Work at LACO?

At LACO, we expect our employees to produce high-quality, client-focused results. In return, our team members know they can count on a work environment that helps them be their most engaged, productive, and healthiest self. We do that by fostering respectful relationships between team members and leaders, open communication, and collaborative ideals.


Here are a few reasons to consider working with us:
Beth Burks and her daughter Findley.

What's It Like Working At LACO?

Career Center

You’ll find our wages and benefits among the best of local employers in all four regional offices. From the administrative staff to geologists in the field, LACO provides the top tools and technology available to help you get the job done.
LACO’s leaders know that engaged employees are often the most productive. Along with our annual picnic and winter social, we enjoy time together volunteering for community events, supporting charitable causes, and of course, eating. Lots of eating. Mid-morning at each of our offices features healthy snacks as part of our Wellness Program. In the summer, there are monthly barbecues. Every month we celebrate birthdays with a luncheon social, and welcome new staff the same way. We don’t skimp on celebrating other special occasions, either! Our mantra: Successful client experiences depend upon putting our employees first. Visit our Careers Center to find the opportunities awaiting you at LACO!

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