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Mendocino County Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Approved Grant Application by FEMA. Call us today to discuss how we can assist you.

By: Jordan Blough, Economic Development Specialist

Previously in our blog series, we discussed Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMPs) and their importance to local emergency preparedness planning. These plans are critical for municipalities and regions both for the preparation they provide the community in case of disaster and for the grant funding opportunities which require having such a plan in place as a condition for eligibility. Putting in place an approved LHMP allows a jurisdiction to apply for Hazard Mitigation Grant funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding becomes available on a state-wide basis following a federally-declared disaster. While the FEMA Individual Assistance and Public Assistance programs focus on helping meet the needs of individuals impacted by disaster and replacing public infrastructure that was damaged, respectively, the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program focuses on projects that will better prepare a region for the next disaster through activities such as floodproofing structures, earthquake retrofitting, and soil stabilization. 


The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program will fund up to 75% of the costs of an eligible hazard mitigation project. When this funding becomes available, municipalities, such as the County of Mendocino, can look to their LHMP, recent events, and feedback from the community to determine projects that would better prepare their jurisdiction for disaster. Following the widespread loss of life and damage to property following the Redwood Complex Fire, LACO Associates has supported the County of Mendocino in preparing Hazard Mitigation Grant Program pre-applications and sub-applications for a variety of projects and programs, including rebuilding a seismically-susceptible water system in Redwood Valley, a roof replacement rebate program to help individuals in high fire hazard severity zones replace their flammable roofs with non-flammable roofs, a defensible space assistance program to help those who are unable to maintain defensible space around their homes bring in a crew of contractors to do so, a variety of hazardous fuels reduction projects in strategic locations throughout the County, and feasibility studies for emergency alert and warning systems such as emergency sirens and wildfire cameras with automated fire and smoke detection software. While many of these projects are still in the review stage, they highlight the wide variety of community mitigation activities that the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program can help to fund. 


At LACO, we are committed to advancing the quality of life for generations to come; we work, live, and raise families in our communities. When a disaster like the Redwood Complex fire impacts us, we recognize the importance of coming together to help our friends and neighbors recover and rebuild while also looking forward and beginning to ask “how do we better protect our community in the future?” We have experienced staff ready to help you turn your dream projects in to reality through securing state and federal funding sources. LACO can help you identify a funding stream to fit your project, develop a funding application, and implement the project once awarded. For further information, or to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your next steps, please contact Jordan Blough at (707) 462-0222 or [email protected]. We serve Northern California from Sonoma County to Del Norte County.


Jordan Blough, Economic Development SpecialistAbout Jordan Blough
Mr. Blough has worked for LACO Associates for over two years as both a Staff Analyst and Economic Development Specialist, providing project coordination, grant writing and proposal development, business development analysis. Mr. Blough  also serves  as a project liaison to both clients and regulatory agencies. Mr. Blough graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English and Sociology from the University of California, Davis. His previous work experience includes serving as a Proposal Coordinator for Gary Bess Associates, a specialty grant writing firm in Paradise, California, where he became familiar with the requirements for managing and complying with large private, State, and Federal grant awards for both public agencies and non-profits. Mr. Blough’s grant writing portfolio includes leading or supporting application efforts for over $7.8 million in awards over the past three years, and an additional $3 million in requests are currently pending award decisions. Contact Jordan via email.