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Mission and Vision Statement

LACO team members in attendance to the CR Athletics Fundraiser Dinner

LACO's mission is to advance the quality of life for generations to come. We achieve this by:

  • Providing services on small and big projects which are part of a bigger objective to improve the quality of life for the community members and the generations to come;
  • Providing opportunities for staff to grow and advance their career with LACO;
  • Engaging with schools and helping to advance educational opportunities;
  • and contributing to the community we live in with volunteer hours and engagement.


LACO's vision is to be a fast growing firm and be named a Best Firm to Work For every year. To achieve these goals, we create a unified team working together. 


LACO’s history has played an important role in the development of our culture. Our small-town roots and foundation of knowledge have cultivated a multidisciplinary firm, accustomed to meeting complex challenges, built on the core values of Service, Ethics, and Excellence. These values are fundamental to our mission: to advance the quality of life for generations to come. We embrace new technologies, education, challenges, ambition, and the accomplishments of fellow staff in pursuit of this mission.